fb-artWe are not social media purists. We are a digital creative agency.


But, like it or not, they do have a point. The social media purist can be the bane of a social media agency’s existence. They believe in organic community growth: the idea that you like a page or follow a Twitter account because you want to, not because someone offered something in exchange. In an agency, the goal is to make your clients happy and many times, that calls for quick growth. This strategy might mean running an ad through Facebook, a promoted tweet, or using a blogger affiliate network. Pleasing the clients often equates to “get more fans on Facebook.” For the most part, I don’t oppose the moderate use of these strategies.


However, it’s out of control.


I love like campaigns. It’s how I earned my bread and butter while working at an agency. It’s how you get fans quickly and sometimes they can be a social media strategist’s best friend. That does not mean you can rest on your laurels and not pay attention to what you post. Getting more likes on your Facebook page and followers on Twitter is easy, but it’s keeping them that’s hard.


So what do you do?


You create shareable and interesting content that makes you likable. It’s simple, really. I like your page because I like your brand, but I continue coming back to your page because you post things that interest me. You may have bought my like, but I’m going to make you work to deserve it.


Giveaways and promotions are not wrong, but blatantly buying an audience just to have a high number of fans or followers is definitely a bad practice. Mark Zuckerberg knows this, and that’s why he changed the format of Facebook.


What can you do? As a client, you can understand your audience. Think of your dream customer and what they want. Create shareable content around them. Create your promotions around them. True, they may want a $5 Starbucks Giftcard (who doesn’t?) but make sure that you target the right fans that will be active in your online community. Engaged fans are more likely to become engaged customers.


As a Facebook user, make pages work for your like. It’s not enough to give you a giftcard or opportunity to win, they need to share things that you find interesting. They are getting your attention, make sure it’s worth paying attention to.


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