social-media-tool-boxWorking at a digital creative agency, there are several online tools that I use when helping my clients execute their social media strategy. However, many times I am onsite or at an event. I need to be prepared for everything that comes my way, and ready to document it online for the client. I always make sure to have the following items with me.


1. iPhone 4s

I just switched over from the Droid, and yes there is a difference. You have everything you need right there – a camera, a flip cam, and access to your email and social media networks.


2. Pen and Paper

Some of us can’t type as fast as we can write. If you are listening to a lecture, take notes for future blog posts. If you are at an event, get email addresses of attendees to let them know when their pictures will be showing up on your page (this is a great way to get new fans, too).


3. Business cards

I promise at least one person will ask what you are doing. When you tell them social media, they’ll want to know more. Hand them a business card and tell them to like your organization’s Facebook page.


4. Your laptop

I went to a show recently that had a webcam set up on their laptop so that concert-goers could take a picture of themselves that would go up on Facebook live.


5. Bottled water and snack

Sometimes, you’re on your feet for long amounts of time as you take pictures and talk to people around you. Stay hydrated and fed so you have the energy to cover the event in a good mood.


Do you have any other additions to our field kit? Let us know! Or, hire us for your next big event. We come prepared! Contact us at

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