Snapchat is growing rapidly, and with it the need for brands to connect with its users. The app now has over 100 million daily active users with 70% of those users under the age of 35. It’s no longer a question of if your brand should be using Snapchat, but when and how.

One of the biggest objections when it comes to creating a Snapchat strategy is how it can be measured to show success. The following is a list of metrics our Snapchat team uses every day. We have included how to find the data for these metrics and what they mean for your brand’s strategy.

Unique snap views.

How many views do your snaps get collectively from unique users? This will give you a good idea of who is watching which snaps, and how often users watch your snaps. It is also a great way of identifying your Snapchat superfans.

Story view-throughs.

Your story view-throughs are the amount of users that have watched the entirety of your snap story. You can find this number by clicking on the three small dots to the left of your story on the app. This will cause a drop down menu to appear. The number of views on the last snap of your story is your view-through rate.

Story retention rate.

Your story retention rate is the percentage of users who finish your story compared to the overall number of users who started it. This metric will tell you how many users are sticking with your specific story for the day. Story retention rate is also important in understand what kind of content your users are most interested in watching.


Screen shots are important specifically when sharing information like links, contact information, or specific items you want your audience to remember or keep. You can find your total screenshots by clicking on the three dots next to your story. You will see screenshots listed below each snap view number.


Responses are a great gauge of how active your Snapchat following is when it comes to having a back and forth conversation. If you are asking questions or have a call to action that requires a response, measuring your responses is a way to understand which of your fans are the most engaged with you on Snapchat. Responses can be found by going to the chat icon on your home screen. Here you will see a list of users who have sent Snaps back to you.

Weekly number of new users who added you.

New user adds is like counting the new page likes on your Facebook page. It is important to note that this metric alone can be misleading and does not show the whole picture. However, combined with the other metrics, it can act as a good signifier of growth within your brand’s Snapchat community.

Our team keeps track of these metrics in an Excel spreadsheet. We collect data weekly to measure improvements and changes week over week since we post to Snapchat pretty regularly. Unfortunately, measuring Snapchat is still not as easy as measuring other social networks. It takes dedicated time to search the app and keep track of the metrics listed above. Spending 5 minutes per day recording these results will help you have a better understanding of your Snapchat strategy. This will help to guide decision-making when brainstorming content as well.

If you want to learn more about Snapchat, you can check out 2930 Creative’s snapchat by following twentynine_30 or scanning our snapcode in the sidebar!

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