As we have mentioned, we love using WordPress because of how flexible this content management system is. We work with a lot of real estate and mortgage clients, and one of the reasons why it is so flexible is because of the incredible number of mortgage industry plugins available. Plugins may be free or they might cost a little bit of money, but regardless if you use free or paid plugins, there are some truly great developers out there creating useful plugins for your WordPress website.  While pretty much every industry can benefit from the vast number of WordPress plugins out there, we wanted to take some time to focus on the mortgage industry. One of the more competitive industries out there, individuals and companies working in the mortgage can take advantage of these WordPress plugins. Since there are so many WordPress plugins, we will name a few of our favorites.

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Responsive Mortgage Calculator

We are fans of simple, clean, and lightweight plugins. The responsive mortgage calculator is just that: a mortgage calculator that incorporates responsive design. For those who don’t know, responsive design is a website’s ability to scale automatically to different screen sizes. Thanks to responsive design, things like mobile websites are not as common. The responsive mortgage calculator offers everything you would expect. The plugin has forms for cost of the home, down payment amount, interest rate (using a fixed rate), and the amortization period. There are even some nice style options to help you make the plugin fit more with the overall aesthetic of your website.

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Mortgage Calculator & Loan Calculator

Do you work with loan officers often? The mortgage calculator and loan calculator plugin allows your visitors to quickly and easily see how long it will take them to pay off their loan over a certain number of payments. Information is displayed in a well-constructed graph that breaks down each payment. Up at the top, users can also see how much they will pay each month. Installation is simple. We do have to note that the plugin does include lender ads, at least in its present iteration.

mortgage industry plugins

Mortgage Rates

As anyone in the business will tell you, mortgage rates are an important part of the job. With the mortgage rates plugin, users can find the current rates available to them on any given day. The graph displays 30-year fixed, 15-year fixed, and 5/1 ARM. As the plugin page states, the plugin uses Javascript and pulls in data from an external website.

Contact Form 7

When you get people interested in your services, it only makes sense to direct them to a contact form. Contact Form 7 is an extremely flexible plugin that has a lot of good features. No one likes spam, which is why Contact Form 7 uses Akismet spam filter. Additionally, the forms themselves can be edited so that you get the information you want from the interested party. You can set certain fields as required and add or remove a wide variety of fields.

All In One SEO Pack

The last plugin we’ll spotlight is the All In One SEO Pack. Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for every website as it determines where your website will rank on search results. The All In One SEO Pack isn’t going to guarantee you a front page result, but it will give you the tools you need to eventually get there. SEO can be very tricky, so if you need help, you can call our team of experts at 2930 Creative!

There are plenty of plugins that are worth exploring, but for mortgage websites we thought these were some of the best. Let us know if you have some favorite plugins for your WordPress website! 

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