Our team loves Snapchat. It’s one of our favorite apps to use to connect with our friends, and learn more about our industry. While attending a conference recently, we saw many opportunities to use Snapchat at industry event.

Be sure to have the snapcode easily accessible to conference attendees.

For just five dollars, we created a stand-up snapcode for our conference table. First, you’ll need to get your snapcode. You can use a snapcode editor like this one. Create your snapcode and save it as an image. Next, you’ll want to design a 5×5 inch sign with a call to action like “Follow us!” After that, purchase a frame of your choice. We chose a clear lucite frame so that our code was easy to see. Place the frame on your table next to handouts or giveaways so that it is visible. Encourage conference attendees to scan your code. Other ideas you could try: putting your snapcode on business cards, wearing a snapcode shirt, or adding your snapcode to your conference badge.

Use Snapchat as a conversation starter with other conference attendees.

Snapchat is a social tool that was designed for selfies and taking pictures with friends. Use this as a way to meet your fellow exhibitors or conference attendees. Ask them to answer a question, or to take a selfie with one of the Snapchat face filters. Some people may not want to, but others may be really excited to chat about the app and how your brand is using it. Respect boundaries, approach people with a smile, and get to know people in your industry.

Use Snapchat as a way to post your thoughts on industry sessions.

Conferences are great for learning new information about your industry. If you are using the conference to gain new followers, you may want to create content related to the event. Use the story feature on snapchat to share your thoughts on new announcements or sessions. Ask questions about what you are learning, and create a dialogue with your new followers. If you are concerned about doing an impromptu snap, try quickly writing down some of your thoughts on a piece of paper. Until you post your snap, you are able to re-record as many times as you need.

Cross promote your snaps on Facebook and Twitter using event hashtags.

Hashtags are still are widely used way of connecting with other event attendees. Use hashtags to promote your Snapchat channel during the event. Research the correct event hashtags to make sure that event attendees can find your tweets or Facebook posts.

Follow other attendees to learn more about the industry and event.

Just like with Twitter, you can build a community on Snapchat by following others. Users will follow back. Build an industry-specific following by using this practice.

Download your stories and leverage content on other social networks.

Snapchat also allows you to download your story. Download Snapchat stories and upload them to your other social media platforms. Those who were not able to make it to the conference can still check out your snaps.

Most of all, get out there and experiment with the app! With the new Memories feature, users are able to store things to upload later. Take snaps during conference sessions and networking hours to upload later for a conference-themed story. You can also find out if the conference has a geofilter to use. You may also want to look into creating a geo-filter for your booth or table if you are an exhibitor.

Using Snapchat at industry events is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge of the app while sharing relevant content for your specific industry. Right now, there is a great opportunity for brands to establish themselves as leaders with Snapchat, and industry events are a great way to try out new things. Good luck and happy snapping!

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