It’s a major holiday in the 2930 Creative nation today! Carly Reeves, co-founder and vice president of 2930 Creative, is celebrating another year of big ideas, creativity, ambition, and success. The team at 2930 Creative wanted to share with her (and you) a few thoughts on our amazing vice president. Find out what we had to say!

Chris Reeves, President and Co-Founder: Carly is always thinking three steps ahead and pushing the company to new heights with her progressive thinking. I’m so fortunate to be able to build a company with someone as driven as her. I’m even more fortunate to be able to call her my wife. To paraphrase Mr. Miyagi, “she pretty okay too.”

Josh Duke, Director of Content: Carly is a role model of what a female business leader should be. She is tough, courageous, smart, and hard working. She came up with the idea of 2930 Creative nearly five years ago, and through her tenacity and perseverance, the company grows more and more every year. Happy birthday, Carly!

Ashley Smith, Art Director: Carly puts her whole heart into whatever she does – coming up with creative strategies for our clients, helping the causes she believes in, or caring for the people she loves.

Matt Mariaux, Director of Video Content: If there is one person in the office who is simultaneously excited about everything and focused on exactly what needs to be done at all times, it’s Carly. And that’s a cocktail for success.

Carolina Merino, Digital Strategist: Carly is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I’ve ever met. She cares about the wellbeing of her team. Not just in work-related things, but for our personal lives as well.

Holly Thomas, Project Manager: Carly is my home girl. She is an amazing boss and a good friend.

Jonathan Alvizo, Video Production Assistant: Carly gave me a chance to intern at 2930 Creative and I have been grateful ever since. Thanks for selecting me to be your intern!

We wish you the happiest of birthdays, Carly! If you would like to send Carly some birthday wishes, you can tweet us @2930Creative or message Carly directly @carlyjennifer.

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