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No, not the whole thing. You don’t need to listen to the whole commercial. Nintendo has condensed everything you need to know about its Nintendo Switch console into one second. The animation, the snap, and then whatever else they want to put after that—it’s that simple. Granted, my Nintendo fanboy status makes me a bit biased, but I think Nintendo has created a masterful example of branding. This blog post examines how Nintendo accomplished this, and why that Nintendo Switch Snap is just so, so, so satisfying.

A lot of brands have something iconic that makes them stand out. For example, Coke has their logo and their font, BMW has their symbol, McDonald’s has the arches and jingle. These symbols have become synonymous with the company. Nintendo has just added another one to the mix: the animation and snap sound for their new game console, the Switch. Every time you watch a Nintendo Switch commercial, you hear the satisfying snap sound along with the imagery. It has gotten to the point, in just a few months, that every time I see a Nintendo Switch ad on a magazine, I can almost hear the snap sound in my head.

What makes this sound and animation so great? Like I mentioned previously, it explains everything you need to know about the product. The snap sound carries a few meanings. For one, the console itself “snaps” apart and together to make it portable, so the sound implies the actual snapping of components together. Second, the snap hints at how easy the whole process is. With that sound and the slick animation, you get the idea that “it’s a snap” to do. Third, by tying the sound with the animation and the name Switch, you evoke that snap sound even when the advertisement cannot move (magazine ad, newspaper ad, billboard, etc.).

I think that the reason why the Switch logo and snap sound work so well together comes from simplicity, gratification, and repetition. The red and white logo has a playful nature to it but literally represents the console’s controller. The snap sound is plain but poignant. The animation is reserved and fast. A consumer can take all these elements in instantly. The other aspect is repetition. Just like every good piece of branding, repetition (and consistently) help engrain the branding into the audience’s minds. Nintendo has done this from the very start. Hell, if you go to the official Nintendo Switch product page, the snap and animation play after the page loads.

Repetition, simplicity, and satisfaction. That’s what really makes the Nintendo Switch advertising so great. These three elements also propel other successful advertising campaigns and branding from other companies. If you are in need of a strong logo and branding elements for your company, you need look no further than 2930 Creative. Our team has put together some award-winning branding and design elements for other companies, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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