Introducing Long Live Content: 2930 Creative’s First eBook

2930 Creative’s always looking for ways to innovate and grow, and since we just hit the 5-year mark as a company, now is a perfect time to introduce something new! We have put together our first eBook, titled Long Live Content. The book focuses on the myth that content is king and determines how accurate that statement is.

As almost everyone in the biz knows, content is king is perhaps the most overused expression, but can content really save your brand? Can it set you apart from the competition? Or are there other factors that you need to consider?

As part of our company’s 5 year birthday bash, we’re giving the eBook away for free! Download Long Live Content here!

If you enjoyed the book and you want to talk about it more, you can also tweet directly at me @joshmduke or @2930creative. If you have issues with what I wrote, we want to hear from you as well! Is content still king? Did we get it right? Do you have other ideas on what the focus of content marketing should be?


As a personal note, shoutout to our art director Ashley who absolutely killed the formatting and design of the eBook.

Josh Duke is the director of content and writer of Long Live Content, a new eBook from 2930 Creative.

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