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How Does Content Marketing Help My Business Today?

You hear a lot about content marketing. You’ve probably even had ads served to you about content marketing (guilty!) and received solicitation emails about content marketing.

Here’s the thing I know for sure about content marketing: it’s a really tough sell. It’s expensive, it takes time to see results, and you have to trust the partners you are working with during the campaign.

I completely understand. It’s hard for people outside of marketing to wrap their heads around sometimes. It’s something that doesn’t not yield immediate results, but rather takes time to craft and perfect. That may not always fit into the strategy you need at this time, and that’s something we also understand.

However, if you’re ready for it, content marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy there is (when done right).

How It Works

Imagine when your sales team pitches a prospect, and they say “Oh yes, I’ve been following you for a year now. I am familiar with you, and would like to hear more about you.” Suddenly cold calls become warm. Your brand has established itself as an authority and built an online reputation. Focusing on industry-specific topics using social media, white papers, podcasts, blog posts, videos, work sheets and graphics, content marketing creates a bevy of resources for those in your industry.

What It Isn’t (And Why You Probably Haven’t Done It)

Content marketing isn’t blogging and it isn’t posting on Facebook once a day. There is no one specific strategy for content marketing. It relies heavily on research and data to create something of value that makes sense for your industry. It’s not a quick fix, and it does take time to create a winning funnel. It isn’t sending prospects to a landing page one level deep into your funnel. It’s also not an intrusive cold email campaign. It’s about building trust, building a relationship, and letting the customer know that you are a resource for them. It’s about value.

What It Is (And Why You Definitely Should Do It)

Content marketing is an interactive way to provide value to your prospective clients and customers. It earns the trust of your audience before you even have to make a sales pitch. Using value-driven content, brands can leverage their authority and knowledge about their industry to connect with their audience and turn them into trusted customers. Leading with prospective customer needs first is key in creating value-driven content.

How do we determine what value-driven content is and where to connect with prospective customers? Data-led research. Our team spends hours researching how this content will best be used, and how to best find your prospective clients online. We want to know where your competitors are, how their customers interact with them online, what kind of content they consume and where that content exists, and learn what’s important to them in terms of online content. There are thousands of pieces of content out there – not just blogs, but white papers and podcasts and social media posts and videos. How will your brand stand out? With a fully researched, integrated campaign that specifically connects with your audience segments.

2930 Creative

2930 Creative combines our award-winning creative work with our data-focused strategy team to create effective marketing funnels that leverage the best in industry-specific content. We don’t look at content marketing strategy in pieces, but rather the whole plan. That includes paid advertising, social media, blogging, and video. Our research is extensive and includes competitive research, buyer profiles, and consumer trends. The final results are powerful.

TLC Schools invested in their funnel to get new student enrollments. Using paid search, blogging and social media, their lead funnel brings 1-5 high end qualified leads per day. They have so many new students, they asked 2930 Creative to run a campaign for recruiting, and the results brought daily qualified applicants.

We believe in using not just content, but good content to build trust and attract the right audience.

If you are ready to make the investment into a funnel that will bring you high-end qualified leads, our team would love to talk to you! You can schedule time to chat with us by heading over to

Not ready just yet? Take a look at our capabilities brochure, and refer to our smart guide to see if we’ll be a good match. 

2017 Content Planning Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been creating content for a while for a particular brand (or your own), you might desperately need some content planning tips and tricks and run into a creative block. No, not our awesome podcast Creative Block, although you should totally check that out if you haven’t. A real creative block, where you are staring at a blank content calendar pulling out your hair and cursing the content gods that have abandoned you. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but tons of creatives have found themselves in such a position, and chances are if it has happened once, it will happen again.

Fortunately, there are a few content planning tips and tricks to help turn that blank page of torment into a goldmine of great ideas. Here are a few content planning tips and tricks to make your 2017 easier and more successful!

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Curating Links to Create Your Voice on Twitter

You took the first step and created your Twitter account. You even have some followers. That’s great, but now what? The next step to building your following on Twitter is sharing content that your followers will find valuable. This will not only help your following grow, but it will also help you to create your voice on Twitter.

There are two types of content that you can share on Twitter. Original content is content that you have created yourself. Curated content is content that you have found from other sources and collected. If you have the time to sit down and create original content, I would recommend a mix of ⅓ your original content and ⅔ curated content. However, if you do not have the time to create original content, you can still create a unique voice that reaches your target audience through curated content.

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Get to Know Us: Josh Duke

1470099_10100917546112219_7111146615430650737_nName:  Joshua Duke

What do you do at 2930 Creative? I specialize in writing, but I’ll also be offering my creative input on most of our projects, as well as working directly with clients. When I’m not writing or helping with the creative process, I’ll be brainstorming the next big idea and helping Chris and Carly with day to day management of our business.

What is your favorite word? My favorite word has to be Einhörnchen, which was one of the first words I learned in German. My high school teacher said if you could pronounce that, you could pronounce anything in German. I’m not sure if I’ve ever used it in a sentence, but whenever I want a smile, I just think about that ridiculous abomination of phonetics.

What does Creativity mean to you? Creativity is everything to me, whether it’s writing, making music, cooking a meal, entertaining our cat—you name it. When I wake up in the morning, it might seem like I do the same routine as everyone else, but in my head, I have a million different ideas and that allows me to approach every day differently and with a fresh perspective. My goal each and every day is to accomplish one creative task that I’m proud of, and usually I fall asleep with more ideas popping in my head.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? I’m a huge video game nerd, and my recent favorites are Starcraft II and basically any indie game. I write a lot in my spare time, but I don’t see writing as work. I’m hoping to get some fiction published on the side—maybe we’ll open up 2930 Publishing? I also love music, both listening to and performing, and I played the trumpet and guitar for most of my high school years. Beyond everything, though, I love spending time with my wife Rachel, our cat, Rory, and our friends and family.

Tell us more about your experience. I don’t remember a time I wasn’t writing. In elementary school, I wrote short stories (which were horrible) and that continued through college (the stories got better), where I majored in English with a creative writing specialization. I also helped restart the SMU Literary Festival, which was my first real foray into managing a huge project. After I graduated, I started working at Standing Dog Interactive in Dallas, where I expanded my writing skills to include virtually anything you see online. Standing Dog was a great start to my career, and I won a number of awards with them in web design competitions. I’m eager to continue my career at 2930 Creative and bring my enthusiasm, creativity and ideas to our clients.

What is your Twitter handle? What do you like to tweet about? You can find me at @joshmduke. Most of the time I’m talking about the latest video game, movie, book, or meal I’m enjoying. Sometimes, though, I livetweet my visits to the oncologist. I’m entering my fourth year of remission and have been extremely fortunate concerning my results, but I know that there are others out there who aren’t as lucky. I’m not entirely sure if my account reaches anyone, but I hope that someone has seen it, known that they’re not alone through their whole experience, and maybe raised some awareness. I’m not going to pretend I’m some cancer crusader, and I don’t want cancer to define who I am, but it’s a topic that’s passionate to me and my family. And because I don’t want to end this interview on such a heavy note, sometimes I also tweet about pizza, because the world could always use another slice of cheesy goodness.

Want to talk to Josh? Email him directly and ask him your content questions. 2930 Creative is a digital strategy agency in Dallas, Texas. How can we help you? 

Content is King of the World

content-is-kingA quick word on content marketing…


There is a familiar saying in my industry that goes “Content is king.” With social media, content marketing is more relevant than ever. Businesses are rushing to hire content writers and bloggers. In a time where more than half of America gets their news and information online, with another 75% using social sites to share said information, content is king of the world.


Of course, with the abundance of information readily available at the click of a mouse, content marketing becomes a double edged sword. The world has caught on, so how does your content float above the rest?


The solution? Create engaging content. Don’t create bland content because you feel like you should; create exciting content because it’s something that’s exciting to either you or your target audience. If you wouldn’t want to read a whole blog post about it, why would your target audience and customers?


Dare to be engaging, dare to be exciting, dare to be different.


Use content as a way to set yourself apart from the rest, not because it’s a trend you think you should follow.


TwentyNine Thirty is a digital creative agency that knows content marketing, and wants to help you create engaging content for your business. Email us at for more information.