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2930 Creative to change company name to Waffle Branding and Design

Award-winning marketing agency 2930 Creative has changed its name to Waffle Branding and Design. This change marks a shift in focus toward branding identity and design services offered by the firm.

“Like breakfast is a great start to your day, so is a strong branding identity a great start to your business,” says president Christopher Reeves. “I am very excited to be focusing on 2930 Creative’s award-winning strengths with this new brand.” Reeves and his partner, Art Director Ashley Smith, have worked with organizations such as Children’s Miracle Network, Dallas-area organizations Bold Idea and Friends of the Katy Trail, and Fair Elections Legal Network to produce beautiful visual identities for brands and nonprofits.

Along with the name change, the company adopted a new corporate identity, including a new logo and visual identity, and a new website that can be found at The changes are effective immediately, and all future business activity will be undertaken with the new name.

For more information about the new changes, please visit for details. About Waffle Branding and Design: Waffle Branding and Design is a design firm located in Frisco, Texas. The Waffle team features the award-winning staff of 2930 Creative, and takes a unique approach to design collaboration for nonprofit organizations, businesses and startups.

Get to know 2930: Emily Applegate

Hello! My name is Emily Applegate and this is my second year here as an intern at 2930 Creative. I love this agency because it has honestly turned into a group of friends and family. Working at 2930, you really get that hands-on experience that every intern looks for. You get to go to client meetings, think of advertising plans as a team, and also just have fun together. My role this summer is taking charge of the company Instagram account, planning social media events, and getting to know the managing side of an agency.

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Get to know 2930: Meet Rob

This week on Get to Know 2930 we are meeting Rob Reeves! Rob is one of our newest members here on the 2930 team but fits right in with the team. Rob is 2930’s Director of Business Development. To break that down for you, he is the man that is out there looking for new clients and also following up with them to make sure that they are happy and connected with us. Because we are an advertising agency, we try to be very transparent with our clients by making sure they understand 100% what’s happening with each project. We never want a client questioning what we are doing.

Rob’s favorite part about working with 2930 is our team of “creative geniuses,” as he calls them. “Everyday I am blown away by the amazing work they do! Watching a sometimes simple creative idea blossom into an awarding winning, and always astounding, completed project is a treat,” Rob said.

Some background about Rob is that he was born in Houston Texas, but raised here in Dallas and attended Highland Park High School. He then went to Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. He graduated with a degree in marketing/finance and a minor in economics.

And like all Get to Know 2930 posts we like to share some fun facts about our team members! Rob is in the midst of completing his first novel that so far has 62,000 words; he is a BMI published songwriter; he has hunted in Kenya twice, has been charged by a rhino (broken ribs), and is also a published poet. Rob has also been married to his beautiful wife for 40 years and has 2 children. Rob also believes he can still hit a curve ball… well, we will have to test that out one day!

That concludes another Get to Know 2930! I hope you have enjoyed reading about our amazing team here at 2930 and getting to know each of us not just by what we do, but also a little bit about our personalities. Stay tuned for more!

Get to know 2930: Meet Chris

Today is a special segment here on the Get to Know 2930 blog series because today we are highlighting the President of 2930, Chris Reeves! Chris is definitely his own type of character here in the office. Working alongside of Chris and Carly this summer has brought me millions of laughs and tons of new experiences as I worked as an intern. They are both in tune with the city and all the events happening around Dallas.

Chris has always wanted to start a business on his own, and has in fact started multiple endeavors in the past, but when he and Carly saw the opportunity to start a different kind of business–an advertising agency–they jumped at the chance!

While working near Chris I see him working on tons of things during a single day and so for this blog post I asked him specifically what a day in the life of the president is like. “Most days I spend discussing development tasks with our developers, brainstorming with the team, talking with clients and writing proposals for potential clients. Every day is different, though. Things can get pretty crazy around here because we’re a startup,” Chris says. Everyday is a crazy day for Chris! Thank goodness for Carly to help keep him grounded.

Like most of the other team members, Chris’s favorite part about working with 2930 is the team in general! “I’m so lucky to be able to work with such an awesome group of people including my wife!”

Some back history about Chris is that he was born right here in Dallas, and grew up in Plano. He graduated from University of North Texas with a degree in Journalism concentrated in Advertising along with a minor in Marketing.

Now some really, really interesting fun facts about Chris are: He is married to Carly the VP of 2930; they have three dogs and one cat; he has two albums out as DJ Cool-C; and he was in a ska-punk band called the Bored-Agains from 98-2002.  He was also in other bands too but that one was the longest. In his spare time he is an office ninja. Chris is also a great dancer as well. Jurassic Park is his favorite movie, Adventure Time is his favorite show, and finally Flula made a personal video to Chris for his birthday!

That is all about Chris Reeves here at 2930! I hope you have been enjoying reading and getting to know the team that makes up 2930! Stay tuned for more!

Get to know 2930: Meet Josh

This week on our “Get to know 2930” series we are highlighting Josh Duke, 2930’s Content Director. Josh is in charge of making sure that everything that is written is up to standards. He also helps brainstorm ideas to reach new audiences for our clients, works on the company newsletter, and also answers any questions about writing that the team may have. Josh’s favorite part about a new project for 2930 is getting something new to write about! Josh loves researching and really getting to know the client. Josh’s favorite part about being on the 2930 Creative team is the people. “The team always makes me laugh and we cheer each other up when we’re having bad days. It truly feels like a family!”

Josh was born in the Northeast, but moved to Flower Mound, TX when he was in elementary school. So even though he often says he is a Yankee, he has lived most of his life in the great state of Texas. Josh graduated from Southern Methodist University here in Dallas where he received his degree in English/Creative Writing and a minor in German Language.

A fun fact that most people do not know about Josh is that Josh and Chris (The President of 2930) were best friends before the company even started. So Josh has truly seen how far 2930 has grown since the beginning, and has been with us through every step of the way.

Like all of us here at 2930 we nerd out about certain things, and Josh’s nerd out is both board games and video games! His wife’s family never played board games, so he has slowly managed to win her over, and now she loves them as well. Their favorite game is Sentinels of the Multiverse, Walking Dead board game, and King of Tokyo. They are also both obsessed with the LEGO video game as well.

We hoped you enjoyed another 2930 team spotlight! Stay tuned to see who our next employee spotlight will be!


Entering the “Adult World”

The Newbie

Being now a junior in college, I realize “adult life” is starting to kick in and will become my real life. It scares most everyone I know half to death! People graduating this year were saying, “I have to find a job, I don’t know where I am going to go after this!” And of course listening to all of this, my mind is freaking out and not wanting to graduate because of the horror stories I am hearing even as a sophomore. It terrifies me.

One day I was sitting in my dorm room wondering what I was going to do for this coming summer for an internship. God heard my prayers and lead me to the beautiful website of 2930 Creative. I had never even tried to look up advertising agencies before, but thought maybe I would want to get a foot in the door to see if I would really love it. I emailed Chris and things just started rolling! I was amazed with all of the opportunities that I would be able to be apart of with this company. Every time I would get off the phone with Chris, or even after I meet him and Carly for the first time over spring break, I would have to pinch myself to see if this was real life. I wondered how was this opportunity even possible. I could not wait for the summer to come, and for me to start my new internship with them. I was not scared at all.

The first day I came into the office I was of course a little nervous, just like the first day of any new job. Chris and Carly were so awesome and sweet and made my first day awesome. Working with them, I saw that they really took the time to help me learn about this world of advertising and want me to take away some great experience from this internship.

I think this openness isn’t something you find everywhere you go. They answer any questions that I may have, and really took me on as part of the 2930 team. And not just Chris and Carly, but the whole team. They are all so awesome and help me learn so much. I am so beyond blessed to work with such an awesome agency and with such awesome people. They definitely made the “adult world” not scary at all to me.


Check out the 2930 Creative Instagram feed this summer. I’ll be posting pictures about 2930 Creative and agency life during my internship.

Chase Mission Main Street: Vote for 2930 Creative!


If you are one of our fans on Facebook, you might have noticed that we posted about the Chase Small Business Mission Main Street Grant. Many of you my not be familiar with this program or why we are participating in it, so we decided to set up our own little FAQ to answer some of your questions. You can find out more information, including how to apply (we’ll vote for you!), over on the Chase Mission Main Street homepage.

1. What is Chase Mission Main Street?

Mission Main Street℠ Grants is a grant program by Chase.

2. How much money in grants are awarded?

This year, $3 million in grants will be awarded to 12 small businesses in grants of $250,000 each.

3. How are small businesses selected? 

Small businesses are selected by a panel of judges. To qualify, a business must receive 250 votes from consumers.

4. How can I vote?

You don’t even have to leave this blog!


5. I thought you were doing well enough. Why do you need a small business grant?

We are doing great, but with the grant money we could be doing so much more. Giving back to the community is something that is very important to us. Our dream has always been to dedicate a full time team to digital marketing strategy for nonprofit organizations. This money will allow us to hire and support that team while we continue to grow and expand 2930 Creative.

6. What will I get if I vote for you?

Regardless of whether or not we receive the grant money, you will forever have our appreciation for time out of your day to help us out. If that’s not enough, how about a giant bear hug the next time we see you?

7. What will you get if I vote for you?

Reaching 250 votes will get us to the next round. From there a panel of judges will select 12 deserving companies to receive the grant money.  Companies will be selected based, in part, on a questionnaire we filled out during the application process. For some reason, these are not made public during the voting process. Benefits of receiving the grant include $250,000 small business grant, a trip to the Google campus for a small business workshop, and a Google Chrome pixel laptop.

8. Eh, I still don’t know. 

You do know that you could have already voted and moved on with your day, right? If you still need convincing, and you are in the Dallas area, have a cup of coffee on us. We would love to tell you our plans for growth and how we would use the grant.

Help us make our dreams come true and continue our work bringing creativity and good strategy to organizations that need it. Thank you for your vote!

Helping Autumn

Through our work with Skyball and Snowball Express, we have had the good fortune to hear so many amazing stories of courage, bravery and generosity. We are so honored to be a part of those families, even if it’s only to play a small part in their overall mission. One of these stories belong to a little girl named Autumn Swank. One afternoon, while meeting to plan for the recent Snowball Express event this past december, our friend Bob Vincent showed me a video of a very special little girl. With a big smile on her face, the girl proudly showed the nearly 1300 teddy bears and stuffed animals she had collected for children of fallen soldiers. It was then that Bob told me that Autumn had fallen sick and was in the hospital with complications from her brain cancer. I have never met Autumn, but her story inspired me. After all, if one little girl could do so much, what was everyone else’s excuse?

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Fire Yourself

A year ago today I was let go from my previous agency job. I didn’t know it yet but it was the best thing that has ever happened to my career.

I put everything into that job. I was so dedicated to that job that I stayed despite many people moving on to bigger and better things. I’m not sure when I would have left if they hadn’t let me go. Being tossed aside for a higher profit margin put the chip on my shoulder I needed to make this business happen. I didn’t know my “why” yet, but it gave me the kick in the ass to find it. Knocked my work ethic up about 8 notches and put me on the fast track to living my dream.

Of course I don’t want anyone to get fired. It’s a terrible thing to go through in this economy but only if you let it be. I think being fired can be a positive thing if you’re ready. If you’re willing to hustle and do some dirty work, being fired can be very positive. But don’t wait on your boss to do it, fire yourself. Get in the right mindset and build what you’ve always wanted.

So what’s the point? The point is if I can survive being fired and build a business, you can too.  Here’s how:

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Job Search Advice for Creatives: Stop Whining


Some of this you will not like. Good. We want you to get mad and get hungry. There’s an overwhelmingly large amount of whiners out there, and we’re ready to set you straight. We love you, but it’s time for some tough love. No one owes you anything, and any referral or resume passed along is a kindness for which to be grateful. Got it? Let’s begin.


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