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Rebels, Resistance, and Responsible Marketing

When I was a kid, I fell in love with Star Wars. Back then, those movies could do no wrong. Amazing action, intense dogfights, the most terrifying super weapon imaginable, memorable characters, family drama—Star Wars had it all. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized the one thing Star Wars lacked:


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Advice for 5 Years Ago Chris

Hello, Chris. I’m writing to you from the future. 2017 to be exact. The weather is nice here. Also Siri still doesn’t work that well.

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2930 Creative: State of the Company

Well team, we did it. We made it through 5 years.

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Gift Guide for Creatives for 2016

Tis the season to treat yourself if you’re a creative—or suggest subtly what you want to those around you. We have put together some of our favorite gifts of the year. Some are a bit more practical than others, but all of these choices are perfect for creatives! Without further ado, here is our gift guide for creatives!

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Why We Need to Stop Creating Star Wars: The Force Awakens Clickbait

Love it or hate it, the original Star Wars was a cultural milestone. For many people (full disclosure: myself included), it is the series that incorporates drama, imaginative adventure, and charm that few other movies or books can match. Every time a new Star Wars movie comes out, it feels like a moment: there is life before a Star Wars movie and life after. When the latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, came out on December 18, many of us held our breath that it would live up to our expectations. Our expectations are always set so high that not even the original films, if re-released, could meet.

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7 Tips to Help you Survive the Holidays

Everyone else might be looking forward to the holidays. When I’m in the comfort of my small studio apartment, I am absolutely enjoying some Mariah Carey Christmas jams and eggnog. However, I dread the responsibilities that go along with the holidays. Never fear! I have devised a plan to help both us safely navigate the emotionally stressed interactions this season.

1. Do not take anything personal.

Do not allow your old high school friend to ask you for an explanation about why you’re still single, or why you haven’t produced children. You both are running on different paths and there is nothing wrong with either of those choices. Remember: don’t get defensive! Let the other person do the talking if you can not find the words. Nodding and smiling never hurt anyone.

Fun Fact: you don’t have to tell them anything you don’t want to. Pick your battles. Do not encourage arguments by getting defensive and then start the passive aggressive tango about something that they might have said or done to upset you. You are an adult, be assertive when need be. Say what you want in a responsible manner.

2. Focus on the positives.

Keep your accomplishments big or small right in front of your mind, like the dessert you passed on or the fact that you were just rewarded a promotion before you came home. Need a confidence booster? Do a small victory lap around the holiday gathering: physically walk a victory lap. It will make you smile.

3. Be thankful.

It is easy to focus on the negatives and let the mountain of frustration build. Think about the good things in your life. Is your family in good health? Did everyone make it home safe? Do you have food to share with your family members? There are worst things in this world. It may be cliche, but when you are busy focusing on the wonderful things you have in your life it is pretty difficult to be a Negative Nancy.

4. Make time for you.

You do not have to catch up with everyone in your family in one day. You do not have meet up with all of your old high school buddies in one night. You do not have to do whatever you don’t want to do. You can never please everyone, so focus on pleasing yourself and you will be a brighter person to be around.

5. Walk a fine line.

Alcohol can absolutely take the edge off, but don’t get crazy. Enjoy the eggnog, apple ciders, Moscow mules, etc. to your hearts content but don’t over-do-it. I am sure you rightfully deserve those calories but don’t be “that person.” You want to leave a positive impression.

6. No significant other? No problem.

I always joke every year that I will ask a friend of mine to act as my date, because I am so sick of the question, “Why didn’t you bring anyone home.” Currently, I am not dating anyone in my opinion good enough to bring into this lions den. Bring the party, don’t be the downer. We have the “Fun Aunt” in our family who always brings a deck of cards, stories and eggnog. Who do you think everyone wants to be around? The “Fun Aunt,” date or no date.

7. Come in clutch.

Do you have a fun white elephant exchange? We love our white elephant exchange. Every year we know whose gift to chose (we have memorized the wrapping), because they are the most creative. Put some thought into this years white elephant exchange, whether it is between family or friends. The more you participate in holiday events the more fun they are. Free tip: try a lip-syncing contest. 99 percent of the time, it works every time.

If all else fails, drink more eggnog. You only get it a couple months a year, so cherish your time together and yes, the same is true for your family and friends. I hope this helps!

2930 Creative’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2014


Every year, people around the country and world make resolutions to better themselves and the world around them. We wanted to share our list of five New Year’s resolutions as a way to jumpstart your own list of resolutions.


5. Responsible Sharing

The Internet is a wonderful place, but sometimes people abuse our gullibility and post erroneous material, whether it’s link bait, bad memes, inciting (and often under-researched) articles, and more. You know what I’m talking about: a very benign example is the Back to the Future meme where someone photoshopped the date to be a different day. The most harmful include political postings (why are they always political postings!?), celebrity gossip or other harmful messages. While we’re not advocating going to before you share any piece of content, we do suggest turning your BS detectors up a few more notches and don’t believe everything you read without researching it yourself. As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t have the time to research something, then should you really be reposting it?


If you have some time, Esquire wrote a great editorial about the Internet and why sharing wrong information is a bad trend that is getting worse. Read it here.


4. Be Real

Another thing that needs to be cut down on the Internet: hate speech. The anonymity that the Internet affords us makes it easy to talk big and oftentimes with vitriol, but that is rarely a good thing. Threatening others, getting into arguments, name calling—it’s all petty and all activities that happen far more often online than they do in real life. If you wouldn’t say something in real life to a person’s face, then you shouldn’t say it online. We’re not naive; no one is going to be singing Kumbaya online, but that we could all be a bit nicer.


3. Do something awesome

There are so many ways to be awesome.  You can volunteer your time—we did at Christmas and had a blast. You can donate to a cause that you believe in. You can start something awesome, whether that’s a website or a big idea you have on Kickstarter (by the way, we’re really good at helping people out with their Kickstarter ideas). Regardless of what you choose, do it big and believe in your idea. See it to the conclusion even in those moments you don’t want to. At the end, we guarantee that even if it doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped, your project will still have taught you something.


2. Be someone awesome

Piggybacking off of our last resolution, we’re going to try and be awesome people. This is about much more than doing something awesome; it’s about being awesome when no one is watching. It’s about having integrity and a strong moral code. It’s about being a good friend, a good coworker, and a good family member. Awesome people don’t need to advertise the fact they’re awesome. In fact, the coolest people we know have certainly never told us that they’re cool. We all know someone that we respect and admire, so we’re going to make it a resolution to try and be more like these awesome individuals. Who is someone who is awesome in your life?


1. Love what you do

Your job makes up a huge portion of your life. Can you say that you love what you do? Obviously, not every day at the office is going to be sunshine and daffodils, but the majority of your time spent on the clock should be enjoyable. Loving what you do improves the quality of your work, boosts your productivity and increases your overall happiness. If you’re not doing what you want to do, figure out what’s stopping you and how you can realistically get to where you want to be. Make a plan, stick to it, maybe even fire yourself. Just find what you love and do it every day.


These are just a few of our New Year’s resolutions. We’d love to hear some of yours. What are you going to do to make 2014 your best year? 

An Extra Life


I am 25 years old, and thanks to my boyish face, I still look it.

When I tell people that I am part owner of a successful company, many of them laugh. I’ve seen that look on their face: what do you know about running a business? You need to put in your time like the rest of us before you can call yourself a real business leader.

Talking to other business leaders isn’t the only time I get weird looks.

I also get odd looks when I’m at the urologist, where many of the other patients are twice my age. Some of the women that accompany their husbands and friends look at me as we idle in the waiting area, and a few of them (perhaps because of that trademark Southern curiosity) have wondered aloud what such a young person is doing there. Sometimes I tell them that I am a cancer survivor; sometimes I just smile at them and tell them I like the ambiance.

I survived cancer because I didn’t fool around; if I had waited, my present could look a whole lot different. When I noticed there was something wrong, I went to a doctor and got checked out. I learned how to be direct and work with a no-nonsense attitude. I learned how to be fearless, how to defer to people who know more than me, and how to face the present situation unabashedly.

When my family was upset, I learned that some humor and personality are the most important factors in staying positive in dire situations. We made jokes and kept each other above the emotional depths of despair. We took care of one another and we stuck together.

With the cancer removed, I had to take monthly blood tests, CT scans, and x-rays. I hated needles but I overcame my fear, because I had battled cancer and, at least for now, had won and a few needles weren’t going to stop me now. I learned diligence and the importance of routines; I learned to be hopeful and not dread the test results.

I remember even thinking at one point, why be afraid? Being afraid isn’t going to change the test results. I should cherish every moment and create a future I am going to be happy with.

I left my last job to join Chris and Carly, and some people thought I was crazy. To me, it just seemed like a natural extension of my life journey. I took the skills I had learned not just in an office but both in and out of physicians’ offices and knew that I could do great work.

One of the reasons why I knew 2930 Creative was going to be a great fit for me was their commitment to helping others, not just with marketing but with their charitable philosophy. That’s why it gives me great pride to announce that we’re doing Extra Life, a charity program designed to raise money in support of children hospitals.

Right now, we’re seeking a modest $200, but I know that’s just a starting goal. I’m hoping we can raise a lot more for this great cause. If you want to support someone on our team, please visit our team page.

If you would like to learn more about Extra Life, please visit their info page.

I have already faced so much in my short life, and this is just one more challenge I would like to overcome. With the help of our friends, families, and business associates, I know we can do a lot of good in the world, and Extra Life is just one avenue to make that happen. Any donations would be greatly appreciated and go straight to those who need it most. We’ll be posting more information closer to our fundraising deadline, which is November 2.