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Why We ❤️ WordPress

WordPress is our favorite content management system (CMS) and website development platform. You may have seen blogs in the past, but what you may not know is that websites have been around for along time. They are a favorite of many small businesses and nonprofit organizations for their flexibility and user-friendly experience. Here are some reasons why we love WordPress.

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It’s easy. WordPress is a very easy, user-friendly platform to manage. Organizations can assign roles to team members with a variety of permissions. Content is easily stored as published, protected or in draft-mode.

It’s flexible. WordPress allows for design to be easily changed without changing the back end of the website, and still allowing users to login to their accounts. WordPress also releases updates to their system. You will always be sure to have the most up-to-date version of the CMS.

It’s customizable. WordPress websites all look different, contain different content, and are used for different purposes. The CMS is not a one-size-fits-all.

It’s mobile-friendly. The WordPress platform defaults to a mobile-friendly viewing experience. Content is easily seen no matter which device the user has.

It will keep you organized. The category and tagging functions are available on every piece of content added to your website, making searching and organizing content easy.

It’s affordable. Because WordPress is easily customizable and flexible, it is also very affordable and easy to maintain. This makes it a great solution for midsize businesses or nonprofit organizations where an in-house team will be managing the website.

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It’s what we do. Here comes the pitch. We are great at building customized WordPress sites. We have worked with large hospital chains all the way down to small business owners. The 2930 Creative development team specializes not only in WordPress website design in development, but also website hosting and management. Our secure hosting and maintenance team will make you feel great about your website and its security long after it’s finished. Our team also offers hourly coaching calls and training sessions teaching you and your team about managing your new website.

We would love to talk to you about how we can help your organization best leverage WordPress for your website. Schedule a 15-minute strategy session or check out our capabilities brochure.

Creating Multiple Users in WordPress

It’s no secret that we love WordPress. One of the most flexible content management systems (CMS) around, WordPress offers a solid platform on which to build your website. There are many reasons why we love WordPress, including its ability to use plugins, its optimization, its technical support, and its ability to have more than one user. This last positive is a huge benefit for organizations with multiple team members who will be contributing to blogs or other routine operations.

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Mortgage Industry Plugins for WordPress

As we have mentioned, we love using WordPress because of how flexible this content management system is. We work with a lot of real estate and mortgage clients, and one of the reasons why it is so flexible is because of the incredible number of mortgage industry plugins available. Plugins may be free or they might cost a little bit of money, but regardless if you use free or paid plugins, there are some truly great developers out there creating useful plugins for your WordPress website.  While pretty much every industry can benefit from the vast number of WordPress plugins out there, we wanted to take some time to focus on the mortgage industry. One of the more competitive industries out there, individuals and companies working in the mortgage can take advantage of these WordPress plugins. Since there are so many WordPress plugins, we will name a few of our favorites.

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