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SpotSee is an innovative company that focuses on monitoring and tracking packages. These devices ensure that packages are treated properly and arrive at their destination without damage. Using sophisticated and sensitive technology, SpotSee has helped companies identify problem spots in their distribution and save money. 2930 Creative works with SpotSee in a number of ways, offering a variety of design services and advertising campaigns. With a focus on creating brand cohesion and helping an innovative company standout, 2930 Creative’s design and advertising services performed exceptionally for Spotsee.

2930 Creative offered the following services to SpotSee:
– Digital ads
– Print ads
– Product labels
– Product logos
– Email design and HTML coding
– Sales sheets
– Website images
– User manuals
– Marketing and sales PDFs
– Business cards
– Thank you cards

A comprehensive retargeting campaign featuring vibrant ads helped SpotSee increase their online media presence, garnering thousands of impressions and a substantial number of actions. 2930 managed to earn these metrics while also keeping costs down, focusing on efficiency and the client’s happiness. In addition to these services, 2930 Creative helped launch the new SpotBot product, creating the user manual, box label, companion labels, website images, and copywriting services, as well as email design, sales sheets, and welcome materials. The latest device from SpotSee, SpotBot offers top-tier monitoring for packages that can be accessed via any web-connected device.

In summation, 2930 Creative has helped SpotSee both reach more customers and launch a new product. By implementing effective design and best practices, 2930 developed high-performing ads that produced great results. Finally, 2930 created a cohesive brand image by crafting various design collateral that unified SpotSee’s overall look.