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content marketing

Content marketing strategy is our jam.

If there’s one thing 2930 Creative knows, it’s content. Whether it’s developing podcasts, creating ebooks that people actually want to read, or crafting a unique brand voice, 2930 Creative’s content marketing strategy team excels in creating content that exists outside of the box. Each brand is different, and 2930 Creative approaches content marketing strategy for each client differently.

Our comprehensive content marketing strategy begins long before our first editorial calendar goes live. Extensive competitive research and intelligent audience targeting help our team better understand your brand, your industry, and how best to connect with core audience segments.

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. (Source: eMarketer)

  • Creative Collateral: 2930 Creative specializes in creative content and collateral. Our goal is to engage, not bore. Our variety of collateral options go beyond industry white papers and leverage emerging media platforms to form real connections with your core audience.
  • Content Distribution: Whether you want to explore new platforms or leverage social media platforms, our team will work with you to create a cohesive strategy that supports your brand goals.
  • Improving the Funnel Experience: Optimizing your marketing funnel is essential to a successful content marketing strategy. Our creative team specializes in creating a funnel experience that your audience will not only use, but be more likely to refer to others. We do this by first understanding the needs and wants of core audience segments, create content they want to consume, and by optimizing the user experience through all steps of content consumption.
  • Intelligent Targeting: Our targeting strategy is one of 2930 Creative’s key defining features. Our team will build out persona profiles, a/b test audience segments, and create targeted strategies around what each of your prospects wants to see. Understanding content consumption and how your core audience segments engage with different platforms is key in creating an optimized funnel experience.

content marketing strategy

Our Content Marketing Strategy Process

Discover:  Our team will work with your internal team to understand your goals, objectives, and current marketing strategy to create a funnel that seamlessly works with your existing efforts.

Create:  This is where we really shine! Our award-winning design team and copywriter will get together to create can’t miss content offerings to leverage during your campaign.

Share: What good is content if no one can see it? That’s where our digital strategy team steps in. Our intelligent targeting and persona development will help us know how best to share content your audience wants to consume.

Analyze:  We measure everything, and provide reporting that helps you best understand your campaigns successes and progress.

Our content marketing strategy team is a full of energetic individuals with a passion for content. We love working with our clients to drive success through leveraging content offerings. The results are almost always overwhelmingly positive! If you would like to get started with our content marketing strategy team, let us know!

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