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Are you using Pinterest like a magazine for your products? You should! More so than being an online idea catalog, Pinterest provides a way for consumers to create their own curated content boards based around their lifestyles. By leveraging carefully crafted Pinterest campaigns, your brand can reach consumers before they have made any purchasing decision. Of 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest, 97% are unbranded. Unlike traditional search through search engines, consumers on Pinterest have not yet made a purchasing decision when it comes to a specific brand. Pinterest also boasts a 50% higher conversion rate than its social media peers Facebook and Twitter. 2930 Creative can help your brand capitalize on this opportunity with a Pinterest ad campaign.

Promoted Pins

Promoted pins allow your customers to see your products used in an editorial way. Rather than a product page, the pin is a creative display for how-tos, your product in use, or information that is helpful to your ideal customer.

Rich Text Pins

Rich text pins allow consumers to buy directly on the Pinterest platform. Using specific lines of code, Pinterest integrates your product catalog to create a seamless shopping experience for the consumer.

Audience Building

Audience building is key in understanding what your audience is looking for on Pinterest, their shopping behaviors, and how likely they are to buy your product. Audience building relies on detailed research into your customer base and provides a full picture of your typical consumer.

Goal-Oriented Campaigns

As with all of our campaigns, 2930 Creative will build goal-oriented campaigns based around tangible goals that mean something to your brand. Whether its awareness, increased sales or conversions, or website traffic, we’ll create campaigns with goals that translate into meaningful results.

Detailed Reporting

Reports are essential to understanding the health of your campaign. The 2930 Creative team provides thorough analytical reporting with key performance indicators.

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