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Giving Thanks with 2930 Creative
Josh Duke | 25 August 2016

364 days out of the year, we’re busy with life, running around in this chaotic world that’s all too often filled with hate, violence, and pain. But once a year, we take a moment and we give thanks for what’s important. While (I hope) we all subconsciously say a little thanks every time we see a loved one, get through a tough day, or accomplish something great, I think it’s important that we devote this one day of the year to articulating everything that’s gone well. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, all of us at 2930 Creative wanted to share a few things that we’re thankful for:


This year, Carly’s grateful that her nephew’s health is improving and support for him continues to grow. She also gives thanks that her relationship with Chris is better than ever, and together they have helped 2930 Creative enjoy another year of growth. The company has never been better, and she looks forward to the exciting things to come!


Josh is thankful for his family, especially his wife Rachel and is looking forward to spending some time with everyone, including his new brother-in-law. He’s also incredibly thankful for his friends that he’s made in Tallahassee, who have made this community feel like home, and his friends back in Texas, who make it hard to be so far away. And finally, he’s thankful for his grandmother’s recovery after an unfortunate accident. Her strength and determination is incredibly inspirational.


Not to sound too much like Carly, Chris is thankful for the 2930 Creative team, which has grown to its largest size yet and won plenty of awards this year. In addition to the team, he gives thanks to his wife, who supports him through the good times and the bad. Finally, he is especially thankful that his mom is on the road to recovery after a recent surgery.


One of the two newcomers to 2930 Creative, Matt is thankful for the team (and we’re thankful for him as well!). He’s also thankful for the ability to see out of his left eye after an accident earlier in the year. Finally, he wants to give special thanks to Maple and Motor, which makes a killer burger that completes his week every time he goes.


Our talented art director, Ashley wants to give thanks to her wonderful husband Eric, who is always there for her when she needs him. She’s also thankful for her dog that gives unquestionable love and loyalty. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, she’s thankful for peanut butter cup ice cream, which always makes her feel better.


Our other new team member, Lauren wants to give thanks that her family is healthy and well this year. She’s thankful for all the opportunities that have opened up for her this year, including her new job and moving. Finally, she wants to give thanks for her dog and her making it in in this city.


Tell us what you’re thankful for this year! If you’re thankful for someone in particular, tag them in the comments on Facebook and let them know how you feel! Give thanks every day, not just today, and be grateful for everything and everyone in your life!

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Creating Multiple Users in WordPress
Josh Duke | 18 August 2016

It’s no secret that we love WordPress. One of the most flexible content management systems (CMS) around, WordPress offers a solid platform on which to build your website. There are many reasons why we love WordPress, including its ability to use plugins, its optimization, its technical support, and its ability to have more than one user. This last positive is a huge benefit for organizations with multiple team members who will be contributing to blogs or other routine operations.


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Mortgage Industry Plugins for WordPress
Josh Duke | 18 August 2016

As we have mentioned, we love using WordPress because of how flexible this content management system is. We work with a lot of real estate and mortgage clients, and one of the reasons why it is so flexible is because of the incredible number of mortgage industry plugins available. Plugins may be free or they might cost a little bit of money, but regardless if you use free or paid plugins, there are some truly great developers out there creating useful plugins for your WordPress website.  While pretty much every industry can benefit from the vast number of WordPress plugins out there, we wanted to take some time to focus on the mortgage industry. One of the more competitive industries out there, individuals and companies working in the mortgage can take advantage of these WordPress plugins. Since there are so many WordPress plugins, we will name a few of our favorites.


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