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Boost Your Social Media Engagement with these Clever Promotions

CreativeServicesLook beyond the “Caption this Photo” promotions and retweet contests, and unleash your creative side with a social media promotion. We researched some of the best ways to boost your social media engagement and answered some of your questions about why running a promotion may be beneficial to your marketing plan.


First question: why bother? Running promotions like contests or special deals via your social media outlets will not only boost your audience (fans, followers, etc.), but also increase your business. At the end of the day, isn’t that why you wanted to do social media marketing anyway?


Here are some ideas we found that we love, but don’t feel limited to these ideas. The sky is the limit with social media.


1. Use your events!

Planning on going to a convention? Or are you sponsoring a 5k for charity? Why not give your fans a reason to find your booth or table? Here’s how. Announce on Facebook and Twitter that you will be at a particular event. Ask your fans to get a picture next to your mascot or logo and post it on their Facebook walls, tagging your fan page. You may also want them to tweet the picture with a designated hashtag for your company or specific event. Select a random winner from the participants!


2.  Use your website!

Website Easter Egg hunts are a great way to get traffic to both social media as well as your website. This may require that you get on good terms with your web manager though. Place pictures or hidden logos that users can click on to get to a secret form page. Have participants fill out their information to redeem their prize. Promote the contest with hints on your social networks.


3. Tweet it, share it!

This is a great idea for running a new product promotion. Announce that on a particular day, the first X amount of fans to purchase the product and tweets a screen grab of the purchase order will receive 2 of the product: one for them, one for a friend. Use a hashtag to see all of the fans who have tweeted the proof of purchase and in what order.


4. The Theme of the Day Is…

Run a week long promotion on Facebook and Twitter. Announce a theme for each day that is related to your industry. Have people post or tweet pictures that best exemplify each day’s theme. Select a winner for each day. Another variation is announcing an ingredient each day and asking your fans to post their favorite recipes using this ingredient.


5. Insta-piration?

Instagram is rapidly growing so why not use that momentum for your next promotion? The photo sharing network integrates with both Facebook and Twitter, and now all smartphones have access to the application. Ask your followers to “Instagram their inspiration” – whether it’s a quote, their children or someone that really inspires them. Again, designate a hashtag so that you can see all of the participants and easily select from those who entered to win.


We hope that you have found some inspiration of your own with these five ideas that go above and beyond. Remember, your fans are your customers. Do something that will reward them for their business and ongoing support!


Interested in running a social media promotion, but don’t quite know how? We would love to help you! Contact digital creative agency TwentyNine Thirty Creative to learn more.


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