Don’t Like Agencies? We Have Some Thoughts About That

We get it: you don’t like agencies. Having done this for five years, I’ve heard every reason in the book for why a company won’t hire my agency. Some are practical and budget-related (you can find out if we’re a good match for you by clicking here), and some are personality-related (we’re weirdos, we get it). Here are the top reasons companies tell us they won’t work with us, and how we prove them wrong.

You don’t have any experience in my industry. By far and away, this is the number one thing we hear, and I’m sure most other agencies would agree. It’s very frustrating for both the client and the agency when there seems to be no common ground or understanding about a specific industry. Yes, we will need time to get to know your industry and your customers. Yes, we will rely on your specific industry insight when creating these campaigns. But why use us when we don’t have your industry experience? Because we don’t need to understand your industry – we need to understand why your company is the best in your industry. We need to understand what problems you solve, why you are the best for solving those problems, and who you solve problems for. That is how we will create a successful, impactful, and, yes, effective campaign for you.

I have been burned by agencies in the past. Oof. Yes, this hurts to hear. If you say this to me, I will want to sit down with you and talk through it. I want to understand what your pain points are with agencies, and tell you how my team specifically will not do that. As a small agency, we depend on our relationships with our clients to stay healthy. Most of the time, the animosity toward agencies comes from 1 of 2 things: either the previous agency was not communicative or the previous agency did not manage expectations. In both cases, communication become a major pain point through the process. Allow me to explain how my agency values communication, and prevents issues related to under-communicating.

don't like agencies

I don’t need likes and comments, I need leads. And we want to get you those leads as fast as we can, but sometimes that will not be immediate. Building relationships with cold leads takes time – as any member of your salesforce will tell you. Customers entering at the top of your funnel have no reason to trust you yet, and so their way of engaging with you will be through likes, reactions, comments, video views, retweets and shares. As you start to see more of that interaction with content, your agency will be able to start to advertising around those engagements. This will enrich your funnel, and create a warm audience for targeted advertising.

My target audience isn’t online. Yes, they are. What this really means is you don’t know how to engage with them online because you don’t know how your audience uses the internet. Every client has a behavior pattern online, and it’s our job to understand what that behavior pattern is and how your brand can interact with your client in a positive way. We do countless hours of research to determine how your competitors are using the platforms you are neglecting. We work with you, your internal marketing team, and your salesforce to build persona profiles and get to know who your ideal customers are, what they enjoy, how they use your brand in their life, and how you solve problems for them.

I don’t need to update my website. Here’s the scary truth: if you have not updated your website in two years, and do not have a designated web manager, your website needs to be updated. When a client says this, we offer a free audit with no obligation to hire us. Nine times out of ten, almost like clockwork, there results prove that updates need to be made to the website. Whether it’s SEO-related, such as broken links or non-existent title tags and meta descriptions, or pages that are not responsive or mobile friendly, most websites will require improvements to fit with the changing digital landscape.

It’s a little bit of tough love, but I promise you we are here to help you. We aren’t trying to run off with your budget. Effective marketing campaigns take patience and, yes, money. Your agency’s job is to communicate with you about your campaign, your spend, and their progress.

If you liked my answers to your objections, let’s get some time on the calendar to chat. You can also find out if 2930 Creative is the right agency partner for you by checking out our Smart Guide. 

And, if you didn’t like my answers to your objections, please take a look at our list of questions to ask your future agency so that you can find the right match in the future!