How Does Content Marketing Help My Business Today?

You hear a lot about content marketing. You’ve probably even had ads served to you about content marketing (guilty!) and received solicitation emails about content marketing.

Here’s the thing I know for sure about content marketing: it’s a really tough sell. It’s expensive, it takes time to see results, and you have to trust the partners you are working with during the campaign.

I completely understand. It’s hard for people outside of marketing to wrap their heads around sometimes. It’s something that doesn’t not yield immediate results, but rather takes time to craft and perfect. That may not always fit into the strategy you need at this time, and that’s something we also understand.

However, if you’re ready for it, content marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy there is (when done right).

How It Works

Imagine when your sales team pitches a prospect, and they say “Oh yes, I’ve been following you for a year now. I am familiar with you, and would like to hear more about you.” Suddenly cold calls become warm. Your brand has established itself as an authority and built an online reputation. Focusing on industry-specific topics using social media, white papers, podcasts, blog posts, videos, work sheets and graphics, content marketing creates a bevy of resources for those in your industry.

What It Isn’t (And Why You Probably Haven’t Done It)

Content marketing isn’t blogging and it isn’t posting on Facebook once a day. There is no one specific strategy for content marketing. It relies heavily on research and data to create something of value that makes sense for your industry. It’s not a quick fix, and it does take time to create a winning funnel. It isn’t sending prospects to a landing page one level deep into your funnel. It’s also not an intrusive cold email campaign. It’s about building trust, building a relationship, and letting the customer know that you are a resource for them. It’s about value.

What It Is (And Why You Definitely Should Do It)

Content marketing is an interactive way to provide value to your prospective clients and customers. It earns the trust of your audience before you even have to make a sales pitch. Using value-driven content, brands can leverage their authority and knowledge about their industry to connect with their audience and turn them into trusted customers. Leading with prospective customer needs first is key in creating value-driven content.

How do we determine what value-driven content is and where to connect with prospective customers? Data-led research. Our team spends hours researching how this content will best be used, and how to best find your prospective clients online. We want to know where your competitors are, how their customers interact with them online, what kind of content they consume and where that content exists, and learn what’s important to them in terms of online content. There are thousands of pieces of content out there – not just blogs, but white papers and podcasts and social media posts and videos. How will your brand stand out? With a fully researched, integrated campaign that specifically connects with your audience segments.

2930 Creative

2930 Creative combines our award-winning creative work with our data-focused strategy team to create effective marketing funnels that leverage the best in industry-specific content. We don’t look at content marketing strategy in pieces, but rather the whole plan. That includes paid advertising, social media, blogging, and video. Our research is extensive and includes competitive research, buyer profiles, and consumer trends. The final results are powerful.

TLC Schools invested in their funnel to get new student enrollments. Using paid search, blogging and social media, their lead funnel brings 1-5 high end qualified leads per day. They have so many new students, they asked 2930 Creative to run a campaign for recruiting, and the results brought daily qualified applicants.

We believe in using not just content, but good content to build trust and attract the right audience.

If you are ready to make the investment into a funnel that will bring you high-end qualified leads, our team would love to talk to you! You can schedule time to chat with us by heading over to

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