Happy Birthday, Carly!

It’s a major holiday in the 2930 Creative nation today! Carly Reeves, co-founder and vice president of 2930 Creative, is celebrating another year of big ideas, creativity, ambition, and success. The team at 2930 Creative wanted to share with her (and you) a few thoughts on our amazing vice president. Find out what we had to say!

The Elote 8: 2930 Creative’s Taco Bracket

Playtime is over, boys and girls. While the Salsa 16 had a few shutouts, the gristle has been shaved away and we’re left with nothing but sweet, sweet meat slapped on a tortilla and slathered in goodness, topped with just the right amount of cilantro or garnish of your choice, drizzle of salsa, served with an ice-cold bottle of Mexican Coke if we’re doing it right. Sorry, got distracted there for a second, but not distracted enough to announce the winners of the Elote 8. Four Dallas taco places advance to the Fiesta 4 and a chance to be crowned the best taco place in Dallas.

The Salsa 16: 2930 Creative’s Taco Bracket

College men’s basketball has been wild this year, but it could be even wilder if, instead of basketball teams, we put the best taco places in Dallas in competition against one another to crown the best taco place in Dallas. It would certainly be tastier than trying to eat basketball players, which was our original idea.

2930 Creative @ SXSW: What We’re Doing

This year, Chris and Matt head down to Austin for SXSW. The rest of the 2930 Creative team anxiously awaits their reporting, but before they begin the car drive down there (made easier by the fact that they both have Nintendo Switches), we wanted to share a few expectations and SXSW predictions.

Covering Events with Content Marketing

Whether hosting or attending an event, you should have an event content marketing strategy in place. The ideal event content marketing plan brings your audience to the event through a combination of written content, video, social media, and livestreaming. With SXSW coming up next week and part of our team planning to attend, we created our own event content marketing strategy and wanted to share with you how we plan on tackling this massive event.

Marketing a Moment: Nintendo Switch and That Snap

Listen to this:

Advertising during the Oscars: Activism and Unity

Full disclosure: I didn’t watch the Oscars, but I watched the commercials. I’m glad I did it this way because there are some great commercials that are getting lost in the kerfuffle surrounding La La Land and Moonlight’s Best Picture snafu. The New York Times, Cadillac, Hyatt, and more turned their advertising into activism and raised awareness about causes that they care about.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

We’re celebrating at 2930 Creative today! Chris Reeves, co-founder and president, is celebrating his birthday. While we know we are probably a little bit biased, we think that Chris is an amazing person and the best boss around. To celebrate his birthday, we went around 2930 Creative and asked members of the team to share their thoughts on Chris. Here’s what they had to say!

Charities We Love

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that we have stopped thinking about love. At 2930 Creative we have love on the mind almost all the time. One of our founding principles is the idea of giving back to the community, and over the years we have helped a number of local and national organizations spread the love and improve our communities. This year, we wanted to share with you a list of organizations that we think do a great job of being a force for good. If you have a few dollars extra and want to do something good with your money, consider donating to these awesome organizations and charities we love!

Five Stories to Make Your Heart Happy

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance. It’s really about love, and for this Valentine’s Day we wanted to share some stories that will make your heart happy, help you regain confidence in the human race, and make you love the human race. If you are feeling down this Valentine’s Day, read these stories to make you feel better!

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